Pillow Fight Movie Night

Of the 568 or so images we all come across, practically hourly, on billboards, the television, and mostly, this place right here, le internet, the "Fight Club" pillow fight, which took place this past weekend at the Hollywood Outdoor Cinema, goosed the biggest smile out of us.

Why? Well, pillow fights. So rare and yet so rewarding. But a pillow fight that's actually a movie tie-in; well, there's a stroke of madness we can get behind.

And we're just happy the "Fight Club" tie-in didn't actually involve, well, the kind of fisticuffing the flick is famous for. Ow, and all that. The bruising. No one likes.

We have much enjoyed all the fizzy extras Hollywood Outdoor Cinema has thrown on top of its various screenings this summer. The "Pretty in Pink" prom, including multiple people who showed up in Andie's shiny, homemade gown. The appearance by zombie author Seth Grahame-Smith at "Shaun of the Dead" night. Fun. Fun we need in a stress-us-up world.

One announcement from the nicely nutty people at HOC: "Goonies" is replacing "Blade Runner" as the Saturday, August 29th movie, which just happens to be the final flick of the season. Best get to work on your Chunk get-up asap.

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