Pinkyotto Opens

One lovely thing about our warmish city? Chemises and shifts are not only acceptable, but advisable, year-round. Pinkyotto gets that, which is perhaps one reason the New York-based clothing shop opened a Los Angeles branch this week.

Frockery is the name of the game at this self-proclaimed "girly-girl" store. Dresses with swing, a pert little bow here and there, a shoulder peeking through, all for under $200ish or so. In short, we're talking short gowns with frills aplenty. Racked LA also gives a shout-out to Pinkyotto's motorcycle jackets, which we did not spy on our visit, but for which we must surely return because a good motorcycle jacket just works with a feminine outfit. For leather and lace go together like, well, like a song Stevie Nicks and Don Henley might duet on.

Okay, maybe we can't really do the short-dress thing here all year long -- there are the February rains -- but that's what tights were made for. And leg warmers. And tall boots. And a friend to cuddle with when we find ourselves outdoors on a brisk night...

Pinkyotto, 7936 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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