Playing Telephone

VINTAGE TELEPHONE KEYS CUFFLINKS: Cufflinks do not necessarily need to be clever -- just handsome and befitting the wearer, and maybe secondarily the ensemble -- but oh, when they are clever, and they tickle the funny bone, well. Well, someone is buying you a drink at whatever function you wear these to, no doubt about it. From qacreate, $25

USB TELEPHONE 4-PORT HUB: And not that we need our USB hubs to be clever. Also, we don't generally wear our USB hub out to parties. We're the only people to see it. But we need to smile, especially while on the computer, and this hub, which looks like a retro dial telephone, coaxes a grin. And, as Gadget4All recommends, it will make fine desk decor. Kudos to for pointing. $15

VINTAGE TELEPHONE ADDRESS BOOK: Do we know any numbers by heart now, other than our own, and our favorite take-out place down the street? A sign of the times. And while it is so very handy to have all our numbers stored on our cell, we wouldn't mind having a traditional telephone book. Especially one that *looks* like a telephone. Meta. Via the Library Shop; $24 non-member

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