Pools, Patios and BBQs

Take a retro-sweet look back at California-style living.

Charles Phoenix

OUTDOOR LIVING: The first week of January 2012 will go down on record as being downright delightful in most parts of the Golden State. Some hotter places flirted with the upper 80s while other spots trudged through another 74-degree, breezy-fresh day. This is why some other cities get a mite envious over California's nearly year-round indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and this is why we like to brag it up, with cheek and cheer, whenever we can. Leading that bragging charge is none other than Charles Phoenix. You last saw Mr. Phoenix sharing a Rose Parade float with some beauty queens from Downey but you can see him next in Palm Springs as he presents his latest retro slideshow Pools, Patios and BBQs.

SWIMMING SLIDES: You've got it all from the name: Mr. Phoenix will throw slides from the '50s, '60s, and '70s on a screen, slides that have to do with backyards and luaus and inflatable loungers and sprinkler systems. If you grew up 'round these parts during those days, you know all about those things and likely remember them with a bit of a misty eye. Now, don't get a misty eye when we tell you this next bit of info: This is a one-time only show and it is, as we mentioned, in Palm Springs. Perfect setting, right? We half suspect that if people in Palm Springs could do everything from their pool -- banking, laundry, taxes -- they would. Okay, maybe we're jealous. If other places are a mite envious of California, maybe a lot of California is a mite jealous of the Springs.

TICKETS: They're on sale now; get 'em for $25 each.

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