Poolside Cinema Returns to Mr. C’s

The Beverly Hills hotel-based soirees are back (with a holiday touch).

Mr. C's Beverly Hills

THERE ARE SO MANY LEGENDS... surrounding Los Angeles, and the famous LA lifestyle, that one can begin to lose track of what rumors have footing and which ones are complete make-believe. But in our city, which is known for perfecting make-believe via the movies, sometimes the most unbelievable of events do actually happen, to the pleasure of locals, the intrigue of visitors, and the mild envy of those who are not here. Take year-round swimming, or at least pool-close activities, which are very much a Thing, capital T, in Southern California. And take outdoor screenings, those films shown under the stars, which also, on occasion, happen in the cooler months. Now put both of those together, and you have something that seems a tad fictional, but is oh-so-real, at least in certain quarters. One of those quarters is Mr. C Beverly Hills, the luxe location known for well-appointed rooms, a classic Cipriani Bellini (as well as other time-honored Cipriani dishes), and now poolside cinema deep into the autumn. Yes, you're absolutely right, Mr. C's had gone the pool tent/movie-screening, but never into high fall. So, in a first, the hotel is launching a quartet of movie showings, two in November and two in December, and you can bet the December flicks have tons of holiday cred.

THE FIRST FILM... is "La Dolce Vita," on Tuesday, Nov. 10, which is followed by "Good Will Hunting" on Tuesday, Nov. 24. The Christmassy gems roll in December, with "It's a Wonderful Life" on Dec. 8 and "Love Actually" showing just three days ahead of the yuletide itself. As for the extras? A nutmeggy nom called Winter Spice Popcorn is on the menu, as are other bites like Pizza Mr. C and a tony club sandwich. As for the sipping part? There are choice choices, but look for a spiked hot chocolate that comes complete with Green Chartreuse and orange peel. The main question is not "is this all LA made-up fantasy?" because it is not; some of the most outlandish stories about town have found firm footing in reality. It's "can locals attend if they're not staying at the hotel?" They can, indeed. You'll want to reserve a spot ahead of time, and book which menu you'll want, or if you're going to order a la carte (the Classic Menu is $35, while the Signature Menu is $45). Could this be a new seasonal tradition for you and yours? Movies by a swanky Beverly Hills swimming pool? Just bundle up, though know that blankets are on hand, as are heat lamps. We may love our outdoors in SoCal, but we also like to keep the toes toasty while indulging in our city's famous industry, movie magic.

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