Positive News Even the Borg Can Assimilate

While we're not dyed-in-the-wool -- or is that dyed-in-the-vulcanized-rubber? -- Trekkers ourselves, we're close with many "Star Trek" fans, and could probably point out a Tribble and/or Seven of Nine just by feel, sight and/or smell. That's why we're as fractious as a Klingon -- or, um, happy as a new graduate of the Federation -- that Star Trek: The Experience is set to live on in Las Vegas.

This mega attraction, which called the Las Vegas Hilton home for years, ran into a lease-based contretemps, and shut down last year, much to the disappointment of fans everywhere, and certainly the thousands of buffs here in Vegas-close Los Angeles. We visited ourselves, just before closing, and found the tricked-out extravaganza to be pretty spectacular, what with the phaser-packed gift shop and a restaurant selling theme-y dishes recalling famous episodes/characters.

But, the positive news from the end of last week: Star Trek: The Experience is setting the Enterprise down in downtown Vegas. Good timing, too, with -- what is it again? Oh right. That major, mondo, huge, action-packed J.J. Abrams-helmed "Star Trek" flick zooming to theaters like five nanoseconds from now. 

Damn it, Jim! We're as chuffed as an alien suspended in a glowing vat of intergalactic goo.

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