Post-Concert Carne, Chips, Salsa…

Juan Manuel Garcia/Telemundo

Movie's over. Concert's long over. You and your friend got in a spat, then made up, but then they kicked you out anyway, with a plea to text them tomorrow. It's late, nearly early-late, and back home, in the fridge, moulders a half lime. Or was it a quarter lime? Maybe there are some sliced beets in the cupboard.

But then, a light. You know the light. You've driven past a sign, in the wee smalls, and desired a burrito, some chile con carne, anything -- anything at all -- with "queso" in its name and/or description (preferably both). You're looking for post-midnight Mexican eats, and there are plenty around our lovely town.

Gridskipper has gone and rounded up a bunch of the top picks, including a couple of favorites like El Compadre (it isn't a day ending in Y if our pal doesn't suggest we go for margaritas there). And we've longed to try the Burrito King on Sunset, another Gridskipper choice. Good, make-us-want-to-stay-up-late-on-a-school-night picks all around.

That said, we'd politely suggest Benito's, that three-location-late-nitery, as a candidate for the next go-around of picks. Oh, the chips. If you're hashing out why a movie's plot didn't work with your date, you will consume approximately 97 of them, without realizing it. And the California Burrito, with potato. Potatoes will sing anybody's stomach to sleep after a go-go night on the town.

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