Pre-Work Off the Overeating at Holiday Hoopgasm

Running? Meh. Walking? Meh. Turning off this heartwarming Christmas romance movie? Growl. Something quirky -- like hula-hooping -- might get us off the couch. And if that hula-hooping class is memorably called Holiday Hoopgasm? We're clicking off the TV and digging out the sweats. Holiday Hoopgasm, on Friday, December 19th, inspires people to unhand those cups of fattening nog and spin (and spin and spin) a hoop, much like they did as tots in their old backyards.

If it has been a decade or two or three since you hooped, know that hula-hooping isn't what it used to be. Hoopadelic, which hosts several hooping classes throughout the year, teaches free-form, dance-like movements which incorporate some very strenuous hooping, sometimes with multiple rings going at once. It's actually very mesmerizing to watch, and fun to do, once you get the hang of it and drop a few inhibitions in the process. Tres slinky.

We just wanted to get a jump on all those scolds/magazines/shows that will be telling us how to tighten and tone in the new year. Why not start before then, but make it different, offbeat and even sort of nostalgic?

Holiday Hoopgasm
Friday, December 19, 8:30PM
Studio A Dance, 2306 Hyperion, Los Angeles

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