Prepping to Welcome, Outrageously, the New Year

Got your festive lined up?

We used to say that it never ceased to amaze us that people don't plan for New Year's Eve a bit better until one day it did cease to amaze us, and so we stopped saying that.

True, there are some people who know in July where they'll be on December 31, but the rest of us -- and we must include ourselves here -- kind of wait for the magic to happen, and wait, and wait, and then it is midnight and we're not getting kissed or confetti-ed. So wrong.

But there's a way out of the waiting wilderness, and it is called planning. In fact, we heard it works for several things in this life, not just New Year's Eve. Imagine that.

So here are a few things to line up before nightfall on the final night of the year...

LOCATION: Friend's mansion? Your studio? A cavern-sized ballroom with a colorful balloon drop? Some thump-thump-thump-y rave? Determine this and several other elements fall neatly into place. In Los Angeles, we have places aplenty (a giant boat, a massive DJ-driven bash, a train) to choose from. Concerts. Gourmet dinners. Fireworks. Name it. Helloooo, 2010.

PEOPLE: Are you taking your honey out? Potential honey? Best gals? Mom? The place will go far to inform this choice, too. We've found either a special someone, or a large, boisterous crowd of friends and friends of friends, works best here. Somewhere in the middle (meaning you, your neighbor, your neighbor's ornery cousin, a work acquaintance) doesn't always click. But maybe you have that clickable something that will make it work, so good luck.

OUTFIT: Gotta have your get-up ready; there shall be no dashing down Robertson or up Colorado at 8PM looking for a little navel-showing number. Be outrageous, be classy, be both if possible. Care about the hair, but not too much, because you'll have a pointy paper hat on top of it in a matter of hours. And people who've been at the bubbly don't care about New Year's Hair all that much. (New Year's Hair=the frizzy nest you get after an evening of bubbly/pointy paper hat wearing).

DRIVER: If there's champagne involved, line up who will be at the wheel in advance. Better yet, slumber party!

Oh, we feel better already. We may even take this whole, nutty planning thing into '10 with us... 

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