“Pretty in Pink” Prom

Duckie's beaten-up shoes. Harry Dean Stanton's world-weary-but-loving dad. James Spader's bored-yet-posh intonations as rich kid Steff. Annie Potts and her "wishful make-up-ing" line.

And Molly Ringwald, with her Ringwaldian wardrobe, which we still want. We're talking, of course, "Pretty in Pink," a John Hughes-penned movie, which is one of the seminal '80s teen flicks. And probably one of the great teen movies of all time. After all, this wasn't a movie brimming with gorgeous young people with easy-breezy carefree existences (okay, a few of them fit that bill, but not all). Miss Molly had to sew her own prom dress. Dad didn't work. There were issues. Issues a lot of the audience recognized. 

It still resonates, and certainly now, with the passing of writer/director John Hughes. Movie fans are taking a moment to reflect and remember his films, dusting off "Ferris" (really though, does that film ever gather dust on the shelf? No.), and clearing some time to rewatch a few flicks not seen in a long time.

If that's where you are right now, and you'd like to meet other co-fans, it just happens that Hollywood Outdoor Cinema is screening "Pretty in Pink" on Saturday, August 8th; there will also be a prom, so be sure to wear your fancy tulle/oldest pair of Chucks. Who will you leave with?

We're remembering Andie's dilemma. Handsome and sensitive Andrew McCarthy. We remember you. You, too, Jon Cryer. We'll throw some playing cards into a hat with you any day of the week.

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