Prize time: Opel Flextreme wins red dot design award

The Red Dot design award is one of Europe's most prestigious industry awards. Created under the aegis of the Design Zentrum North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, it has been awarded to the European cousin of the Chevy Volt, the Opel Flextreme (possibly aka the Vauxhall Electra in the UK). The prize was awarded to the Flextreme for being a concept "that has the power to improve our world in the future." You know, like last year's winner, the Saab Aero X concept. The Flextreme probalby won because of those Segways in the back, don't you think? The Flextreme mates the Volt's plug-in capabilities to Opel's 1.3 liter CDTI diesel engine (get more technical details here). Pictured above, Mark Adams, Vice President, GM Europe Design, with the Opel Flextreme.

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