Public Art Project Descends on WeHo's Plummer Park

Hoping to gussy up eastern WeHo (which lacks a Pacific Design Center, but does offer a gay Target at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and La Brea), the city has launched an Eastside Arts Initiative that includes "Go to the Park," a public art project at Plummer Park. Five separate exhibits are on display, including "Apertures of Nature" (pictured), a project by artists Scott Franklin and Miao Miao that's comprised of five 8-foot viewing cones—inspired by the movie biz—that focuses one's attention on an exact view within the park. And the curtain walls (also pictured) of "Past Forward," are made of trinkets and "natural objects" from the original Plummer ranch. Don't put those trinkets in your mouth, kid! The green space is getting all kinds of new toys as part of WeHo's new Plummer Park Master Plan, which coincides with the city's 25th anniversary.

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