Pumpkins and Pooches at Mr. Bones

Can we hear a chorus of enthusiastic barks? We just got word that tonight, from 5-8PM, the merrymakers at Mr. Bone's Pumpkin Patch on Doheny are welcoming dogs and their human parents for Halloween-themed portraits. Usually this is the sort of thing we plan for days in advance and now we're unsure how to proceed. Will our lady Pug rock her hula skirt again, or appear in full shiny cape and horns as a little devil? Don't we have a cowgirl get-up in the back closet? And what if we see a celebrity there with her dog, and that dog looks dressier than our dog? After all, this is the patch that's frequently patrolled by the paparazzi. You know the celeb dogs will be working it.

But there's no time to lose mulling this over. Whether you gussy up your growler in full-on spangly holiday gear or put them in the car just the way they were born, the pics will still garner sighs when you break 'em out at the family farm this Thanksgiving. Consider that there are three different settings (one is pirate themed!) in which to pose Sir Pups. Cute cute.

A going-away goodie bag is also in the stars, and the chance to chat up a mind-reading (mutt-reading?) specialist who knows what tail-waggers want deep down inside. Maybe this person can find out what the whole barking at nothing in the corner for hours on end thing is all about. Finally, we hope. Finally.

October 29, 5-8PM
702 N. Doheny Drive, West Hollywood

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