Puppy! You Know You Want to Adopt Right Now

Economy. Bad headlines. Work stress. The inability to eat all the salty, fatty food we want to make us feel (briefly) better during hard times. It can feel overwhelming and difficult these days, but something we can all agree on is the puppy. Sure, there are bowls to purchase, some toys, vaccinations, and tons of care, attention, and love, but those are small prices to pay in exchange for the constant joy, companionship, loyalty and love pups bring to us. Important studies have shown it. Dog owners live it. Pooches are good for the soul.

March 23 is all about spreading that word, and the larger message of adoption. It is, in fact, National Puppy Day, and there are several adoption agencies around Southern California with both young and older canines longing for a home. Petfinder gathers a lot of them together, and that's usually our first stop. We could, and have, put in our zip code and then proceed to scroll through the profile of every single four-footed (though sometimes three-footed) beastie in a 100-mile radius.

The names, the stories, the photos. Oh goodness, the photos. The chihuahua-dachshund mixes! The waggers with extra-super long tongues and crazy ears. Some of those dogs are grinning, we swear. Do they know they're posing for a pic that might get them a family? We like to think so. Dogs=brilliant.

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