Quentin and the New Bev, Sitting in a Tree

The director's helming the theater's March schedule.

Plenty of people are looking to the past for their Monday morning movie chitchat, the recent past, the Oscars night past. We're choosing to look to the future, to March, for our film-based fancies, specifically March at the New Beverly.

That's because Quentin Tarantino will be taking over the helm of the cinema for the whole livelong month. Meaning the director will be choosing all the movies the theater will show. Meaning some of his own works will play, "Kill Bill"y stuff, plus the works he loves.

It's really nice that Mr. Tarantino and one of our great independent cinemas are finally teaming up and getting to know each other. Oh we josh. The director is the famous and big-hearted guardian angel to the Beverly Boulevard single-screener.

So what's on the schedule? "Duel of the Iron Fist." "Hell River." And other grindhousely monikered movies. Plus a whole "Kill Bill" week at the end of March and early April, plus some "Pulp Fiction."

No word if Mr. Tarantino will make a cameo or two. But there is word that "Kill Bill" tickets go on sale at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March 1.

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