Rachel Zoe Launches Newsletter

Probably one-eighth of our recent conversations seem to be detailing what celebrities we're following on Twitter. Can that be right? Maybe one-sixth. We try and avoid it, at least in the first ten minutes. We talk books, we discuss what happened on this date in history, we brag about the last interesting meal out we ate. Genealogy. The Dodgers. Oats: raw or cooked? Anything.

But. Then it comes back to Twitter, and that leads to celebrities, and our friends want to know who is on our list. And then we give in, because we must. This week we're enjoying comedian Ken Jeong of "The Hangover," and actress Kristen Bell. Who will be next week? 

Perhaps stylist Rachel Zoe. She's just about as famous as the stars she dresses -- she's often seen hanging around with pal Lindsay Lohan, or walking the red carpet at various splashy, papped-out events -- and she does not mind, fashion followers have been finding out, discussing her thoughts in a public forum.

She's now topped 65,000 followers on the Twitter -- a runway-sized feat, to be sure -- and she's launching The Zoe Report on August 4th (thanks for the heads up, Refinery29). Refinery29 quoted the stylist's site and we must, too, because it involves a favorite treat: the new blog will be "bananas," says Ms. Zoe.

If you're ready for bananas, on a daily basis, we might add, as well as sartorially minded chitchat, then sign up now.

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