RailFest 2011

The Fillmore & Western's got several train-buff-y goings-on going.

Fillmore and Western

Serious rail buffs tend to get steamed about steam, but in the best sense. If they hear a classic engine is puffing away in the nearby vicinity, bet they'll be out and riding.

But even the casual train lover knows that a ride that's especially steamy is a treat. We're going to guess that most everyone falls in one of those two categories -- Loves Trains a Whole Lot and Loves Trains a Lot, respectively -- and Fillmore will be their destination over the Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27 weekend.

It's RailFest at the Fillmore & Western, which means both steam and diesel trains will be running. There will also be some old-timey gunfighters standing about in chaps, tipping their hats at guests, and tri-tip barbecue on the grills. Note that Santa Paula will also be the scene of several to-dos, too, in addition to Fillmore.

You know that the Fillmore & Western was feature in "Inception," yes, and the upcoming "Like Water for Elephants"? The steamiest of stars.

And if you're really into movie trains, note that the Sierra No. 3, which has been in tons of films, including "Back to the Future 3," will begin running, on occasion, in Gold Country in April 2011.

We'll wager that everyone falls into two categories regarding trains that have appeared in big films: Loves Famous Movie Trains Bunches and Absolutely Raves About Movie Trains to Everyone They Know. We don't think we're too far off on that thesis.

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