Rain, Rain, Coming Our Way? What We Wished We'd Done

For a week or two there, people were fooling themselves into thinking it was July. Sure, a presidential inauguration was making headlines -- typically a January occurrence -- and the sun was still setting at like 5PM. But the days? Glowing, soft, warm, sit-on-the-steps-with-a-frosty-lemonade glorious.

Well, that little happy fib we collectively told ourselves is ending thanks to a forecast predicting several days of rain. Not that we mind -- weather variation keeps things interesting, and it helps everything look green and undead-y come spring -- but here are a few things we wished we'd fit in over the last week or so:

A ginormous basket of fried clams at Neptune's Net. We would have easily inhaled one -- one and a half? -- before heading over to watch the surfers across PCH. Did we mention we're in flowery shorts in this fantasy? And flip-flops. Sparkly flip-flops.

The Evolving Skyline tour hosted by the LA Conservancy. Okay, we can still do this one with umbrella in hand, even it is a tad moist. But still. We'd be looking up a lot, rain in the eyes, etc.

A bike toodle at between Santa Monica and Venice, with a stop for a coconut smoothie and some palm reading.

A stretch-out on the hillside lawn at The Getty. Not for a nap, mind you. Okay, maybe for a quick nap. C'mon, all that art! And the cafe-baked pastries. So sleepy. So contented.

A sweaty haul with the tongue-panting pups up Runyon Canyon (and spotted a star or two along the way).

Next warm streak? Maybe a ways off. We can dream now, as we pull those galoshes out of the closet once more...

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