Raise a Cup to World Cup

TVs across town will be tuned in. Where will you be?

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Let's be honest: Any bright, pixel-filled screen that can transmit pictures and has a 4:3 aspect ratio will very likely be tuned into the 2010 FIFA World Cup starting on Friday, June 11.

It's global-big, is all. And exciting. And eminently cheerable.

So finding a spot to see the straight-from-South-Africa action should be a snap. Here are a few LA places that'll be tuned in:

The Match Trucks: ESPN, Kogi, giant screens on a food-serving vehicle. Everything to like there.

T-Mobile Family Festival: Mario Lopez hosts the Plaza Mexico party in Lynwood on June 11.

25 Degrees: The Roosevelt's posh burger palace is doing World Cup specials and special beers for a buck. And there are football-named bevs to boot. And 25 Degrees is open 24 hours, too.

Nick & Stef's: The downtown steakery's got your early games. Your really early games, in fact; look for the 7 a.m. matches to air, in addition to the 11:30 a.m. face-offs.

EB's: The West patio bar at the Original Farmers Market just got a schmancy big-screen television in time for the games. And someone'll be there to click the remote at 7 a.m.

Tony's Darts Away: Keep two words in mind: "Kegs & Eggs." This Burbank brew hang is also opening early during World Cup, and those two elements will definitely be involved. Cheers!

Waterloo & City: It's being called the official Team England hang for World Cup. We heard Bucks Fizzes will be on the pour, in addition to ales. In Culver City

Rush Street: It's all England v. USA on Saturday, June 12 at the Culver City restaurant.

The Happy Ending Bar: LA Inc. says this Tinseltown tavern is going 24 hours on June 11, all for World Cup. There are some other fine picks on the list, like Red Lion and Lucky Baldwin's.

Breaking it down by team: Zagat's rounded up where to go to support a specific crew.

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