Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 2, Her Casa is Fendi's Casa

Though we really wish we could mess with the space-time continuum and make this episode about Zoe recovering from today's NYT review, instead it's about Zoe shopping with husband/biz manager Rodger for new furniture at Fendi Casa because she's having a photoshoot at her home. Go ahead and start feeling appalled, as they look at insanely priced credenzas, and a $13,000 bed. Rodger clearly has sticker shock, but Zoe says sarcastically: "No, baby, $1,300." Because who would ever do a silly thing like buy a bed for as little as $1,300? Meanwhile, it's SAG Awards time, and in the other teaser (after the jump), you can watch Taylor getting annoyed at Brad for arranging the dresses from short-to-long in the wrong direction.
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