Recession Cocktails Now Chilling at Luau, Il Sole

If we aren't personally following all the numbers coming out of the markets these days, someone we know is, and they've been relaying the information to us, and it makes a lot of people long for a relaxing night out and a nice, cold cocktail. Luau, the new-ish tiki-cool hot spot in Beverly Hills, and Il Sole, the celeb-popular Italian restaurant on the Sunset Strip, have tied those daily fluctuations to some fresh libations.

Don your banker's visor -- and a flirty, shimmery, go-out top -- and lean in closer to hear the whole sweet deal: The cocktail's price tag will follow the Dow Jones Industrial Index daily. The restaurants went back to February 2008 to find the baseline price ($14), and now, when each day wraps, the new price will be figured. So, as of a couple days ago, the recession cocktails were running at just south of nine bucks, give or take a few dimes and quarters.

Still not following? Order a Recession Cocktail and sip away while your friendly bartender or restaurant host explains it all to you. Maybe charts will be involved? We hope.

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