Red Velvet Cocoa for a Buck (and for a Good Cause)

If you want a sweet sip on Tuesday, Nov. 9, read on.

Thanks goodness those short, sip-happy windows opened up by various coffeehouses around town tend to fall in the afternoon, when we all need a little something and how.

The next come-by-and-try-a-new-drink-for-not-much-money window opens on Tuesday, Nov. 9 from 4-7 p.m. at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores. The coffeeteria is debuting a new holiday flavor -- that would be Red Velvet Hot Cocoa -- and is offering it for a dollar during those hours. Other holiday drinks, like the Gingerbread Cookie Latte, will also be a buck on Nov. 9 from 4-7.

Really, it was just a matter of time before Red Velvet starting leaving cupcakedom and moving into our cups. Soon we'll see it in entrees and savory soups, too, we imagine. Oh, we should also mention that a holiday tea is part of the $1 event; it is called Winter Dream Tea Latte.

Money raised from the event goes to The Help Group; read more about the organization's schools and work with children, and find out more about donating. And that's 100% of the money, too. Excellent.

You'll want to make sure your Coffee Bean is participating before heading out, too. Here's the info.

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