Redondo Pier Chalk Festival

Spend a summer's day looking down.

Once one is on the downslope of August -- as we all are by this point -- one has to face facts that our beach-close get-together will be winding down soon.

That's not exactly true; the SoCal beaches stay visitable all year long, save those blustery February days. But the major summertime festivals? Yep, there's a reason "summertime" is in their very definition.

One of the last of the biggies, before the September lobster events begin to take over our piers and boardwalks, is the Redondo Pier Chalk Festival. It's slated for Saturday, Aug. 18, and, like all good chalk festivals, it is free to see.

Plus? If you register early, and you're one of the first 150 people to do so, you'll score some free chalk. So, what will you draw? A beach scene? A gull? Could you draw the chalk festival itself, where dozens of people are gathered near a beach, on the sidewalk, drawing? Perhaps that is a bit meta.

Hours are noon to 4 p.m.

And now we fear we've bummed you out about summer winding away. It has gone quite yet, despite all the back-to-school-ing and temperatures finally inching down; the Twilight Concert Series at Santa Monica Pier is on through Thursday, Sept. 6. And, as mentioned, the lobster parties truck into San Pedro and Long Beach in mid-September-ish, with the Redondo party wrapping things up over the Sept. 21-23 weekend. That'll be just north of the pier, at Seaside Lagoon.

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