Relive the Moon Landing at The Paley Center

We often see legendary moments -- John F. Kennedy in Berlin, the Queen's coronation, an Oscar blooper --  replayed again and again. But not as often -- probably more like rarely -- do we see the news of the day, the film of the crowds gathering or of random, auxiliary events or of anything at all that isn't the super-famous 20-30 seconds we all know so well.

With that in mind, we're always happy to plunk down and watch what went on *around* a momentous event, like the Apollo 11 mission. "Man on the moon" pretty much stems from that world-altering, July 1969 sojourn, and millions gathered to watch all the news that went down.

Now The Paley Center for Media has rounded up a lot of that footage and will be showing it over two days, just ahead of the moon landing's 40th anniversary. We *don't think* the famous/infamous "Houston, we have a problem" will be heard, but audiences will probably see a lot of fascinating back-and-forth between the astronauts and mission control.

If you saw the moon landing on TV, and want to show a younger person, we can't think of a better way to capture that moment than an outing to Beverly Hills. And if you're simply interested in the cosmos, in history, in late '60s TV techniques, in mission-control fashion -- you know you like those short sleeve shirts/pocket protectors/horned-rim glasses -- then this is a fine thing to do. 

"Mission Control Chic" -- has anyone coined this yet? We hope it makes a comeback. It works.

The Paley's screening the footage on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th at 12:30PM.

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