Remarkably Purple, Nice to the Nose, Tasty in Teas, Too

Oh, we try. You do too, we imagine. It is just so difficult sometimes. We'll spy/smell a humongous spread of lavender in some yard, and we fight the urge not to just rub a bit on the wrist or between two fingers. Because that's rude. Rubbing somebody else's lavender without their permission.

We'd knock on the door and ask, but, well. Awkward.

But we'll be getting all the lavender smell/taste/looking we like on Saturday, June 27th. That's when downtown Ojai gives it up for that famous, famously photogenic cousin of mint and provider of good smells to soaps and recipes and pot pourri satchels and other things that require some fancying-up in the olfactory department.

What's at a lavender festival, anyway? Eats, crafty-crafts, walk-around tunes, and lots of stuff that can be applied, misted, powdered, sprayed on, and lotioned into the body and hair. Attending the plant-based party may well keep us away from our neighbors' front-yard lavender plots for, oh, at least a few weeks.

Ojai Valley Lavender Festival, June 27th, downtown Ojai

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