Remembering Rhino Records

Celebrate the great Westwood shop at Cinefamily.

Rhino Records

When you celebrate Record Store Day each spring -- and we expect you have it on your calendar -- you likely keep those stores that gave you your mad-for-music start much in mind.

And Rhino Records? The legendary Westwood shop that helped give what we now know as indie-record-shop-iana its particular iconoclastic flavor? Surely that is on many a mind come Record Store Day. And Rhino, which began in 1973 and shuttered a half decade or so ago, will again be on minds on Saturday, Aug. 20 when the world premiere of a new documentary debuts. It's called "Rhino Resurrected: The Incredibly Strange Story of the World's Most Famous Record Store" and it screens at Silent Movie Theatre at 2 p.m.

If you shopped at Rhino, you likely remember exactly what albums you bought there. Your first Oingo Boingo, your first X, your third Led Zeppelin, the Elton John you had to buy because you scratched your brother's album and he made a huge stink to your mom about it. And you remember the staff, which was famous for mixing it up with customers. Yes, there was a Worst Customer List posted on the wall. If you gave lip, bet you saw your own bad self go up on the rundown. Some names were permanent.

Cinefamily is also hosting a Record Swap Meet, so show with your vinyl (*not* your brother's scratched copy of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" but the scratchless, brother-drama-free stuff). It's $12 for the whole shebang, watching the movie, a director q&a, the mingling with other Rhinoists, swap meet participation and so forth.

Here's the trailer. It's mighty entertaining, especially if you like a colorful, staff-and-customer-interactive kind of shop. We all should.

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