Ren Faire Ribalds It Up

Your spring weekends are getting ye olde-ier.

Richard Lowe

The idea of the Renaissance fair has gotten so much play in popular culture, and been satirized so often, that we all might feel as if we've been to several over the years.

But have you really gnawed on a turkey leg while watching a kingly court strut past you, all haughty-like? Have you?

If you're honest, you'll mark the "no" box on that one, and then you'll promptly do something about it. And you can, starting on Saturday, April 10, when the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire opens for the season at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.

The yo-ho-ho: Ren Faire is open over seven consecutive weekends. Last day: Sunday, May 23. City: Irwindale. An adult ticket: $25.

What to expect: knights. Queens. Shows both uproarious and cheeky. Food that has a several-centuries-ago flavor. All sorts of craftspeople selling be-ribboned items and things with bells and loads of leather-laden goods. And characters like Beppo the Buffoon and the Wicked Step Sisters roaming hither and thither.

Which reminds us, better step up practicing your "hithers" and "thithers" to truly get into the spirit. And find the codpiece you got for your birthday. Now, to Irwindale!

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