Renal Teen Prom Dress Drive Opens

Have a fancy gown to donate? Make for the Glendale Galleria.

Prom night is a mythical moment, at least in the movies and young adult novels. But the small dramas over corsage color or hem length pale in comparison to not actually getting to attend your prom because of medical treatments or hospital stays.

This is all too common for many young people living with kidney disease -- their big night comes and goes and they couldn't make it -- but the Renal Support Network thought up a marvelous solution: the Renal Teen Prom.

Typically held in the winter, the dance gathers together gussied-up revelers ages 14 to 24 for a night of par-tay-ing in "a non-medical setting." It's an important distinction, that last point; prom and a balloon-y filled, low-lit room just go together.

We also like the wider age range on the celebration, too. Prom is more a state of mind than a tight window restricted to high school seniors, after all.

Beyond hosting the prom, the network also organizes a drive to collect dresses and accessories. The Renal Teen Prom Dress Drive opened at the Glendale Galleria on Wednesday, Nov. 21. It's an ideal kick-off considering a lot of people will be heading to shop over the holiday weekend.

Have something ruffled and fabulous sitting at the back of your closet? There's a teenager who is just right for it, we bet.

The Dress Drive runs through Jan. 4, and the prom itself is on Jan. 20 in Sherman Oaks. And the theme? Midnight in Paris. Oh, romantic prom themes, we do love you so. We also love people lending a hand to help make a special night even more so.

Drop off your dresses and other prom-y gewgaws at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2 (near LEGO).

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