Resolutions Broken Already? Here are Some to Keep…

Resolutions can come in many flavors, but they always seem to be about losing weight, more exercise, skipping dessert and cutting down on bread. In other words, they tend to be pretty self-focused, which is okay, but we've got a few that may benefit all Angelenos...

Support your corner bar. Or eatery. Or boutique. Don't get us wrong, we love the big malls, but when we hear about yet another closure of a small but beloved city classic, our heart sinks. We resolve to visit our favorite mom-and-pop shops more, and to tell absolutely everyone about them (a secret is no good if the secret has to shutter the windows due to lack of business).

Be nicer on the freeways. We've all sat on the 405 wondering how we'll get home in the next five hours. And we always do, usually faster than we think. We'll try and remember that we don't know why that other rude driver is so stressed, but maybe something is really going on with them. And we shall wish them well. Really.

Get to the Getty more. And the beach. Check out the newest restaurant before all our friends are acting like they practically own it.

Volunteer. Search for "volunteer Los Angeles" and browse until we find our perfect calling.

Go to the Doo Dah. The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. The Hollywood Bowl. And find all the free stuff (and really try it out).

Finally, we'll stop yapping about traffic and lines and worries and be thankful for this giant megalopolis and all its gifts. Fake people? There are fake people everywhere. No connections? Not true. It's a wonderful town, and our main resolution in '09 is to love LA just a little bit more, and stand up for it with vigor when jealous types try to drag it down. We got your back, LA. We vow it.

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