Restaurant Savings via iPhone

A coupon comes to your iPhone.

Movie tickets delivered to a phone? Yes. Yes we are ready to embrace.

We are also ready to embrace, although we didn't know we were, other time-savers sent to the glowing rectangle in our pocket and/or purse. And money-savers, too.

And in the money-saving department is a $7.50 gift card from Henry's Hat. Savory corn dogs made with Andouille sausage. All the games. You know this place.

But maybe you don't know about JunoWallet, an app for iPhone and iPad and iPod that Henry's Hat is delivering that gift card through. We are suddenly very interested by a coupon/gift-card-delivering application. Who else, down the road, will be sending us codes and whatnots to save cash? Dear everyone selling everything, maybe you should look into hooking up with this now.

The Henry's Hat deal, by the way, is good on dinner or lunch or take-out. Get details.

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