Revenge of the Costume Sale

Frouncy, fancy opera togs'll be sold to the public. Halloween, anyone?

Fact? The calendar never listens to us. Or anyone.

We told it, very firmly, that we don't like Halloween on a Monday. A Monday! The nerve. Friday? Fine. Saturday? Suh-weet. Sunday's pretty good, too. But Monday? Not so festive. Kind of draggy, actually.

And yet, when Oct. 31 falls on the first weekday, we do have a whole weekend to shop for costumes. Meaning? People will be very, very last-minute in the whole "looking for an outrageous outfit" department. We love that department, by the way.

So we implore you, if you like outrageous, and you like flounces, and you like drama, and you like knickers, and everyone likes knickers, to get to the LA Opera's Revenge of the Costume Sale. It's on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 330 S. Alameda Street. And prices start at $20. Prices also head up toward $300, but this is the opera. Stuff is going to be quality and have a downright elegancy-fancy air to it.

Here are some words on the flier, so feel free to start imagining your outfit now: wigs, "Turandot," belts, "The Flying Dutchman," shoes. Heart palpitations. If you build your costume out of those five things, you will be the belle. Of. The. Ball. Quote us.

And if you shop the sale but you aren't looking for Halloween stuff? But for your everyday closet? Then you, my friend, get a high five. Because stocking a personal wardrobe via a world-class opera house sale is incredibly bold. Props. 

Which gets us to thinking. When's the next props sale, LA Opera? Asking, is all. Juuust asking. 

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