Richard Elfman Promotes His Films in a Big, Brash Way

Director, creative person, not-shy person, raconteur, storyteller, brother-to-composer-Danny and all-around-outlandish-man Richard Elfman -- the director behind one of the brashest, wildest, most over-the-toppiest movies of all time -- decided that his upcoming screenings at The Egyptian needed some *pow* in terms of promotion.

So pow he gave them. Those films -- "Modern Vampires" and "Forbidden Zone" -- are showing, respectively, on Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th -- at the historic theater. To get the juice flowing amongst film fans, Mr. Elfman donned some polka-dotted pajamas, strapped on a drum, rounded up a bunch of musicians and strolled Hollywood Boulevard. With a sign. With the movies' showtimes/dates. With vigor. And music.

Thank you, American Cinematheque, for alerting us to this bit of fizzy whimsy. Movie promotion *is* a hard gig, but any man who puts on polka dots in the daytime and dances in front of gawking tourists gets a smile and a high five.

By the way, "Forbidden Zone" -- weirdly weird weirdness with weirdosity sprinkled on top. See it.  "Modern Vampires" -- Kim Cattrell with fangs! 

See the whole taking-to-the-Boulevard video here.

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