Ring Ring. Santa's Calling.

A new app helps Santa check in.

You better watch out, indeed. Turns out there's a new app that helps Santa phone and talk to various personages in a household about whether they are being naughty or nice.

The clincher for us: A snapshot of Santa, all red-vested with shirt sleeves rolled up (the man has been working very hard these last few weeks) appears on the iPhone, along with his location, the North Pole.

We're now trying to picture the iPhone Santa Claus is calling from. It probably is really tricked out in the jingle bell ringtone department. And his wallpaper? Mrs. Claus holding a tray of sugar cookies, of course.

The app is called Parents Calling Santa, it is from Hyper Media and the price is $1.99. And, from the no-surprise-there department: There are many Santa-flavored apps in the iTunes treat bag. We're also partial to the tracker. Gotta keep tabs on where those reindeer are come Christmas Eve. It's tradition.

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