Robbers Described as Clumsy, Flirtatious

Investigators released video Friday of a chaotic robbery at a 7-Eleven store that clearly shows the attackers as one wrestles over a bat with a clerk while his partner cleans out the cash register before both run, police said. 

The assailants entered the 7-Eleven convenience store, 290 S. Main St., about 11 p.m. on Dec. 4 and got away with a "couple hundred" dollars, said Orange police Sgt. Dan Adams.  

The men were in the store about five minutes, while one flirted with a female customer. Without saying anything, one of the men suddenly tried to jump the counter.  

The man used his friend's head for leverage, but fell back on his partner. He hurdled the counter on a second attempt, pinning the clerk against a rack of merchandise behind the counter.

The clerk grabbed a bat and while one of the suspects wrestled with him for it, the other "cleaned out the cash register," Adams said.

The female customer tried to help the clerk, who suffered only minor scratches, Adams said. Deputies said the woman's actions were courageous, but discouraged people from intervening in such situations.

The men left behind some "great" video that police hope will lead to their identification and arrests.

"It's probably one of the most sophisticated cameras I've ever seen," Adams said. "It shows everything."

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