Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: Beverly Mixed-Use, New Echo Park Apartment Building

Thank you for all your insights and musings. And now the answers to Tuesday's Rumblings & Bumblings.

BEVERLY BLVD: It was pointed out that yes, that plot on Beverly Blvd will soon sprout a mixed-use project. We covered the project earlier this year.

ECHO PARK: Per city documents on that mystery Echo Park building going up on Sunset: "Advisory Agency approved Tentative Tract No. 66291 composed of I-lot, located at 1478 West Sunset Boulevard for a maximum of 5-unit residential condominium." But it's a condo switch-aro. Greg Chasen of Chasen Architects, the firm behind the project, tells us "it'll probably be apartments" now. Spring 2009 completion expected. Photos, interior renderings in the gallery.For more stories from Curbed LA, go to

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