Salute! Beer Festival

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SUDSY CELEBRATION: We'd say that a few days before Father's Day is serious crunch time, but then we'd pause and retract that statement, because people are always really good about planning for their dads, and they never, ever wait for the very last minute to schedule an outing where joking and bonding and the sharing of family memories will occur. Right? Of course. But. But if life has had you running, and you're now in some sort of time that is particularly crunchy, and your father is a foam man, best get up to Ojai for the Salute! Beer Festival on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18.

TO KNOWS: The festival, which is happening outside the Ojai Beverage Co., is a big'un, with music, "gourmet pub fare," and booth after booth where one can try just a few of the 100 craft beers being served. And there's a Ventura shuttle you can grab for ten bucks. There are several different tickets, including a VIP option, so see what suits you (and dad) best.

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