Sam Lufti Denies Threatening Britney Spears

Britney Spears' onetime self-described manager -- who is under a temporary court order to stay away from the pop star -- denied harassing Spears, but a judge postponed a ruling from Monday until Wednesday on whether to make the stay-away order permanent.

Attorneys for Spears on Jan. 31 obtained a temporary restraining order against Osama "Sam" Lutfi; the singer's 36-year-old former boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, and Jon Eardley, a lawyer who once claimed he represented Spears. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva K. Bobb granted the temporary order against Lutfi on grounds he had text and telephone communications with
Spears, as well as communications with her hair stylist.

The order directs the three to stay at least 250 yards away from the 27-year-old singer, her parents and her children, and prohibits them from assisting others to file legal pleadings on her behalf.

Although Bobb delayed the hearing on the permanent stay-away order, she said she would hear testimony on Monday afternoon from Jamie Spears because he won't be in court on Wednesday.

In addition, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz is overseeing a permanent conservatorship on Spears along with the singer's father and attorney Andrew Wallet.

But court papers filed by attorneys for the 34-year-old Lutfi in opposition to the permanent restraining order state that contrary to Spears' father, he did not initiate any direct communications with Spears.

"Any communication Lutfi purportedly had with Britney were conveyed by and between Lutfi and Britney through others, including, without limitation, Mr. Ghalib," Lutfi's court papers state.

And in a sworn declaration, Lutfi maintains none of the communications were threatening in nature.

"I have not, in any alleged communications with Britney, her hairdresser or any other person, threatened any act of violence against Britney or her family," Lutfi states.

Lutfi further states that he received anonymous text messages on Jan. 10 from a "CityGalin310" -- who he did not know -- warning that Spears father was was about to make public a letter written by the singer "making serious accusations against me."

But when pressed for more specific information, "CityGalin310" refused to say any more, according to Lutfi.

Lutfi additionally states that he called Jamie Spears to set up a meeting to discuss the "CityGaline310" text messages. Jamie Spears told him such a conversation would have to take place with his daughter's lawyer, Blair Berk, present, according to Lutfi.

Lutfi then attempted to set up the meeting, he states.

Lutfi sued Spears on Feb. 3 for alleged non-payment of management fees  and her mother, Lynne, for defamation. He is suing Jamie Spears for battery.

Meanwhile, Roger Jon Diamond, an attorney for Eardley, said he is asking Bobb to dismiss the case against his client. He said Earley performed two legal services on behalf of Spears last year and that neither constitutes harassment.

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