Sam's Club French Vodka

MARTINI MAKINGS: Are you a vodka snob? Are you a person who will readily challenge your beer-swilling friends' claims that there is no difference between, say, Ketel One and Smirnoff, reminding them that refined drinkers don't add fruity mixers to *everything*? Good news for you: Sam's Club -- yep, that Sam's Club -- has just released its own label of six-times distilled and three-times filtered vodka, and is selling it for just $28 per 1.75 liter (that's a half gallon, in case you're wondering). Compare that to the $59 bucks you'd pay for a similarly-sized Grey Goose, or $41 for Absolut. Sam's Club vodka is from the Cognac region of France, to boot, and is suitably called Rue 33.

BOTTOMS UP: There are Sam's Club locations in El Monte, San Fernando, Torrance and beyond, and you don't need a membership to buy alchohol on location. Or, there's the most convenient point of purchase:

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