San Clemente Micro-Brew Festival

The lark, hosted by Left Coast Brewing Company, will round up a caboodle of crafty brew experts (and what they like to make).

HOW DO YOU BECOME ACQUAINTED... with the ever-growing, ever-foaming, ever-tasty line-up of craft beers currently being made, and thunk up, around Southern California? You can check with your store, or visit the appropriate aisle, to see what they have in stock (maybe the full complement of SoCal suds, maybe not). You can hire a driver, or ask a friend, to drive you to each, so you may sip one or two of the award-winning-est ales in the brewery. Or you can find a once-a-year event that gathers up a bunch of brewmasters in one not-far-from-the-Pacific place on one stellar-of-sunshine Saturday. That event bubbles up each year in San Clemente in the springtime, and the lucky lager-flavored 7th outing is on the near horizon, on Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23. Once again, hometown brewer...

LEFT COAST BREWING CO.... will be at the helm, while "...more than 15 Southern California craft breweries" will stop by with some of their showiest stuff. On the attendee list? Prepare to say hello to Cismontane Brewing Company, Four Sons Brewing, Mother Earth Brew Co., and Pizza Port Brewing, Company. Food trucks'll be out with the grills hot — hello Wahoo's Fish Taco, we see you on the list  — and the tunes'll provide that 10-minutes-from-the-beach vibe. Do note that Saturday and Sunday are a bit different, with the micro-brew festival landing on Saturday and the launch party for Pro Surfer Collaboration Beer "Passionate" with Nate Yeoman and Tanner Gudauskas catching a proverbial wave on Sunday afternoon. So if you want to do the fest? Be there on April 22. The pro surfer suds celebration? That's April 23. Good? Good. Cheers? Cheers.

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