San Diego Museum Month

Francis Bitonti

BIRCH TO WHALEY: Museum Day? Nice. Museum Week? Awesomeness. But then there's the fantastic and all-too-rare occurrence called Museum Month, a lengthy stretch when a group of institutions band together to give visitors significant discounts on entry. February 2011 happens to be Museum Month in San Diego, and a number of spots are going the savings route. And when we say "a number," we're not puffing things up; there are a few dozen museums on the list, and several are known far-and-wide.

THE SAVINGS: It's a half-off deal, and your half-off pass gets you and three companions in. Now, where to get the pass? At a San Diego Macy's. There is a three-day weekend ahead in February, making a trip down to see the Birch Aquarium, or the Whaley House, or the Maritime Museum, 100% easy-peasy.

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