San Diego October: Free Admission for Kids at 30+ Museums

It's year four for the much-attended month-long promotion.

ADVICE, SUGGESTIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS: If you're set to spend a day or a weekend or a week just about anywhere, bet your neighbor or co-worker or friend or mother has an opinion on the ultimate sight to behold, the best theatrical work, the end-all-be-all attraction (even if, some of the time, they only heard about it from a friend of a friend). And if you're making the journey with tots? Expect the recommendations to go through the proverbial roof or some other feature above your head. You'll hear about food joints that boast their own stage shows, you'll hear about bounce house playgrounds, you'll get the gamut on How to Expertly Travel Someplace with the Young'Uns in Tow. Yep, this can be helpful, but also helpful? When an entire city -- and a large bustling culture-packed city at that -- says goodbye/so long/be seein' ya to kid admission at over 30 museums and institutions for a whole long month. And not just a month, but one with 31 days, too (no offense meant, months with only 30 days; you're cool). So does such a magical metropolis exist, one that welcomes families and helps them save considerable cultural-institution-y bucks for a month? It does, its name is San Diego, and that month is October.

KIDS FREE IN OCTOBER... is the 31-day long San Diego Museum Council promotion that's presented by Time Warner. It's the multi-location'd happening's fourth annual go-around, it's big -- "more than 10,000 families took advantage" of the specials in 2014 -- and it absolutely covers a wide swath of the region's best places, from Birch Aquarium to the Museum of Contemporary Art to the San Diego Botanic Garden. There are a few things to jot down in your travel memories book before you depart for San Diego, like needing to make an adult ticket purchase at each place you want to go. Also? You'll need to download coupons for the museums you want to visit. Still, the promotion's HQ should have you shipshape on the money-savings-in-October front.

AND... nope, we're not saying to refuse your co-worker's or cousin's advice on what to see with the kidlets. Not at all. But hearing about ways to get a little more out of your trip -- courtesy of some money saved on museum admissions -- is a fine way to begin any family adventure.

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