San Diego on the Chill Down


SAN DIEGO NON-SWELTER: Plenty of places around the Golden State are known for their steady temps and breezy climes, but San Diego kind of trumps 'em all, or at least deserves to wear some sort of sash that says Kind of 72 Degrees Kind of All the Time. That's not true, of course -- we remember a sweltering Comic-Con visit a few summers back -- but we sometimes play a little game when we're visiting San Diego. And the game is this: Look at a thermometer and see if it reads somewhere between 67 and 74 degrees. All the time. We love it. And we love these beat-the-heat tips from the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau.

BEACHES TO BEER: No surprise that the round-up goes to the beach first (make that dozens and dozens of beaches; San Diego has 70 miles of coastline). Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld and LEGOLAND Water Park are also given props. Now. August is not yet through; it isn't even halfway done. There could be another toasty week or two to go. Best keep this round-up nearby if you'll be in the city before fall truly arrives (which usually happens around Halloween, or so it seems, in Southern California).

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