San Diego Skate: Fall on Your Ice

A grown-up getaway takes on a dash of wintry giggles.

MOVIE DATE: When we hear the words "movie date," our mind first springs to the concept of meeting someone to watch a film, then maybe grabbing dinner after the credits. But then we begin to consider movie dates, as in dates we see in the movies. Carnivals are popular for movie dates -- the protagonist always wins his sweetheart the biggest stuffed bear on the midway -- as is that perennial winter favorite, the ice skate date. The cuddling, the holding of hands, the scooping up of a boyfriend when he skids out is all pretty dang awww-worthy, and hence why screenwriters so often incorporate ice rinks in romcoms. But we, as non-living-in-a-movie-world people, don't turn to the rink that often to stir romance. Oh, we should, and we mean to, but winter flies, and the holidays are hectic, and do we even own mittens? There are ways to make one of the quintessential on-screen dates happen, though, and here's one: Let Hotel Solamar in San Diego set you up via its Fall on Its Ice package.

ICE AND HOT: A deluxe accomo is part of the chill deal, of course, given that a hotel is behind the planning, but so are two tickets to the Horton Plaza ice rink. Those are grown-up tickets, note, so count on doing all of the couple-y ice-rinkian activities seen in films, like clutching a wall and spinning your date and trying out a pirouette au deux. Peppermint hot cocoa and a wine reception are the beverage-based parts of the Gaslamp District stay, and that's a good thing, because the important part of any ice rink date is to download over a drink. Or maybe before, too, with the cocoa. You'll want to make predictions of how well you'll skate and later re-tell what actually occurred.

YOU'LL SEE... plenty of commercials this time of year imploring you to "make memories." It's a little vague, yes, but an ice rink is a fine place to give that a try. It works on movie dates, right? And the movies are never wrong, or so, at the holidays, we want to believe.

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