San Diego-Style Beach Bliss

AWWW! Now we feel bad. The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau just posted this handy round-up of some of the area's best beaches. That doesn't make us feel bad; au contraire. That makes us feel rad. We just feel so rad about it that we feel badly we didn't get anything for the SDCVB. Because this is a good link to have. This is something we can see revisiting, again and again, for years to come. (Last we heard, the beaches weren't going anywhere.) And definitely visiting ahead of a long weekend. Oh, and look at that; a long weekend is just around the corner.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE? We're going to guess you're sweet on a few of these. San Onofre? Come on. The water near San Onofre pretty much owns the "sparkly ocean water" patent (and those things are not easy to get, as any beach can testify). Perennial favorites like Pacific Beach and Mission Beach made the list, too. Are you ready to go all rad over this list? Don't even tell us people don't say rad anymore. If you're on the sand, by gum you better be rocking your best laid-back lingo.

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