Padres' Quentin Back In LA Following Brawl

The San Diego slugger is coming in on a hot streak

The San Diego Padres come to Los Angeles on Monday for a three-game series, and while memories of the brawl between Zach Greinke and Carlos Quentin have faded, they are sure to resurface as Quentin will be playing against the Dodgers for the first time since.

Back in April, Quentin was hit by a pitch thrown by Greinke that incensed him to charge the mound. The ensuing benches-clearing brawl broke the Dodger pitcher's collar bone, sidelining him for over four weeks.

If you thought Matt Kemp has been boo'ed loudly lately in LA, just wait until Quentin comes up for his first at bat on Monday. The last time the Padres were in town, Quentin was in the middle of the eight-game suspension that was given to him from the brawl.

Carlos Quentin struggled in the first month after the brawl putting up a .154/.286/.365. line. But, the Dodgers face him in the middle of a hot streak, hitting .370/.471/.667 in his last nine games.

An important note is that Zach Greinke will not be pitching in this series. Since the injury Greinke has not recovered to his full ability, in four starts he has only lasted 18.2 innings and allowed 14 runs.

So what can we expect? Has the hatchet been buried between Quentin and the Dodgers?

Last time San Diego came to Los Angeles there was no clear retribution between the two teams, but could Quentin's presence change that?

A quick search on Twitter shows that Dodger fans are still angry towards Quentin, but there is no way to know how the players actually feel.

If one thing is for sure, it is this. With all the injuries going around, the Dodgers are short on players and the last thing they need is for a pitcher to get ejected for hitting Quentin intentionally.

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