San Francisco Oysterfest

Big tunes, big eats, and thousands of fans. Who is up for another dozen?

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Lindsay Santiago

MUSIC AND MOLLUSKS: Do fans of live music have a lot in common with oyster-favoring foodies? We think they probably do. While one might discuss the perfect spot to snag in an auditorium or open-air venue, the other might discuss whether it is better to stand at a bar while sliding back the raw goods or take a corner booth, the better to relax and concentrate. While one might discuss the different qualities of feedback, the other might discuss the perfect level of briny saltiness. In short, people who love specific things love them to be a specific way, and that's a good thing. And we're pretty sure that there are lots of people who adore both fine seafood and fine sounds. And we're fairly sure several thousand of those people will be showing up at San Francisco's famous Oysterfest, which celebrates lucky year thirteen on Saturday, June 30. It is billed, in fact, as the largest oyster festival on the West Coast, which says plenty, given the amount of coast we have on the West Coast.

WHAT'S HAPPENING: In two words? Concerts and oysters. (Okay, that was three words, but, really, you'll ding us on the "and"?) The music is out-sized -- Young the Giant is the headliner for 2012, but Minus the Bear, Manchester Orchestra, and Little Hurricane will all play the impressively large stage which is located inside impressively large Sharon Meadow at Golden Gate Park -- and so is the eating and drinking. We can say that because a lot of oysters are prepared for the thousands of fans expected to show. And Guinness? Why there's a big ol' frosty pint on the event's homepage, so we'll jump to conclusion and say that there's a certain amount of foam enjoyed, too. Tickets for the show don't include food and drink, so you'll want to explore those options before hitting the road. 

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