San Francisco Romance: Month-Long Joie de Vivre Valentine's

An octet of Bay Area hotels do up the hearts and the heat, for all of February.

VALENTINE'S DAY EASY: There are certain topics that pop up at certain times of the year with unsurprising regularity. People ponder why holiday decorations are showing up before Halloween -- so let's call that the hot topic of mid-October -- and some people, feeling the pressure of a spectacular New Year's Eve, shoo it away at the end of December, choosing instead to speak in favor of spontaneity. So what's February's go-to discussion? Yes, it can indeed be whether Presidents Day has an apostrophe or not -- manuals are split on whether it is Presidents' Day or Presidents Day, though it is never President's Day -- but we'll call Valentine's Day an equally buzzy topic.

FEEL LOVE: It's not that people are asking where to buy flowers; rather, they're pondering how to celebrate the Love Holiday in a way that is authentic, fun, and not to pricey. Like New Year's Eve, there are many emotions surrounding Valentine's Day, but doing something with your sweetheart you both like to do -- say, travel -- rather than something that's a little formal or not you, is the way to go.

BAY AREA OVERNIGHT: Here's one route: Ride a cable car, walk the Golden Gate Bridge, and bed down for the night at one of eight Joie de Vivre hotels offering a Valentine's deal. Nope, we didn't say Valentine's Day; rather, the deal is happening all February long. Yes. It comes with a "naughty" gift box -- intriguing -- and a treat, depending on the hotel (think sparkling wine or red wine, and maybe something else, like chocolates or breakfast in bed). The participants? Hotel Tomo and Hotel Rex are just two of the eight. It all depends on where you want to land in the region, and the flavor you want from your hotel (Joie properties all come with their own funky flair).

Feeling easier about the holiday? It doesn't have to be over-the-top. Just go some place, have some wine if that's what you like, and stay at a fun property under a discounted rate. And it doesn't even have to be on Valentine's itself, if you don't want to call it a Valentine's thing. But why shouldn't you? Valentine's, you're a-ok in our book. You, too, New Year's Eve. Keep on truckin'.

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