Santa Barbara Kite Festival

Yogesh Khare

WIND RIDES: There are kite parties up and down the California coast, and many of them definitely could put the word "venerable" before their names and not have anyone blink an eye. The one that happened in Redondo a few weeks back just hit year 37, we do believe, and the Santa Barbara Kite Festival just hit its quarter century mark last year. The reasons behind the impressive longevity are probably numerous, but let's get down to the main thing: kites, plus wind, plus expansive views, just work.

SUNDAY, APRIL 10: That's the date for this year's Santa Barbara Kite Festival. The fest will be dedicating the day to Toba, Japan, Santa Barbara's sister city. There is also a fundraiser at the end of April for Toba; you can find more info here. If you do plan to head up for the windy to-do, note that it is going down at the West Campus of Santa Barbara City College, and admission is free.

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