Santa Barbara Street Painting

SIDEWALK SPLENDOR: Dozens of artists will don easy-to-kneel-in clothing and make for Santa Barbara's Mission Plaza over Memorial Day Weekend. The kneeling, and squatting, and stretching on stomachs will occur during the Italian Street Painting Festival, which celebrates the art of the pavement. (It also happens to be the fest's 25th year.) If you haven't been to a street painting festival, you've surely seen photos here and there; the colorful, chalky works are often three dimensional, and all kinds of beautiful.

CHALK TALK: The dates are Saturday, May 28 through Monday, May 30. Admission? Free. And the number of works? Organizers expect there to be about 150 in all, meaning you'll find at least a dozen that make you laugh/swoon. We also like the dramatic setting of Mission Plaza. The wonders of I Madonnari are pretty when presented in practically any locale, but if the locale is lovely like the art, well then. Even better.

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