Santa Barbara Zoo Just Welcomed a Baby Boy Giraffe

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Masai giraffe Adia welcomed the baby boy on March 27, 2020.
Twiga, the Swahili word for "giraffe," weighed 125.5 pounds at birth.
Twiga's height? He's six feet tall.
Twiga is Adia's first calf and the eighth baby for dad Michael, revealed the zoo.
"Twiga plays a very important role in the Species Survival Plan Program for Masai giraffes," says a post on Instagram. "Through this cooperative AZA effort, every single giraffe born here at the Zoo serves a significant purpose: to help keep their species alive."
Eager to see more? Count on the zoo sharing Twiga videos and snapshots as this not-so-little baby continues to grow tall in the weeks ahead.
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